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The insurance programs summarized below are offered by and are administered by Harvey Watt & Co. of Atlanta, Georgia.

For specific information or answers to any questions you may have on these insurance programs, please contact Rob Alston at Harvey Watt & Co. at (800) 241-6103, or pilot@harveywatt.com. These policies are designed to remain in force and follow the individual pilot regardless of changes to his or her airline or union affiliation.


This plan is designed to dovetail with the American Long Term Disability plan that begins to pay benefits after 90 days of a disability. The plan features 4 optional waiting periods based on how much sick bank you have. The plan has a loss of license definition of disability. Two coverage options are: Tax free benefits of 50% or 60% of reported income.

For more information click here:


This plan will replace your income if you can no longer fly due to your health. Plan is portable between unions or airlines. If you can't fly, you can still work at another job and receive benefits. Once enrolled, there are no future health questions. Definition of disability pertains to your health and your ability to fly as a career.

For more information click here.


The group life program provided by Harvey Watt & Co. allows a pilot to design a program to meet his or her individual needs. A pilot can purchase group coverage providing up to $150,000 at affordable rates.

For more information click here.

Below in a Welcome letter from Harvey Watt to AICA members:

Welcome Letter from Harvey Watt.

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