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What is AICA?

AICA is a labor union with a better Constitution and Bylaws. The first duty of any labor union is to protect each member - as an individual - from adverse job action. This adverse job action is not limited to company actions but also considers those actions that could be taken by unscrupulous union leaders. AICA’s Constitution guarantees a member’s Bill of Rights. It also provides that no disciplinary actions will be taken against a member for any reason. AICA’s Constitution and Bylaws honors the contractual relationship that exists between itself as an institution and each individual member.

  • AICA’s Constitution and Bylaws provide that both pro and con opinion reports will be given to the membership on any issue submitted for ratification.
  • AICA is trust. Trust that you and your views will be treated fairly when they are discussed and presented to others.
  • AICA is respect. Respect for the individual and for the sincerity of his or her thoughts, whether or not they are popular at the moment.
  • AICA is worthy. Worthy of the confidence placed therein by our customers who pay our salaries and mortgages and college tuitions for our children.
  • AICA is an organization founded in integrity, trust and honor.
  • AICA is an organization that recognizes that our careers are linked to the success of American Airlines.
  • AICA is duly recognized by the Department of Labor as a Labor Union since 1993.
  • AICA is registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt organization.
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