First Officer Scott Shankland

Allied Pilots Association
O'Connell Building
14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500
Fort Worth, Texas 76155-2512

RE: Objector Letter

Dear Mr. Shankland:

This letter shall serve as my notice to you, to the Association, and to American Airlines that my status with the Association shall be strictly limited to that of an Objecting Agency Fee Payer. Additionally, my objection shall be considered as a continuing objection with an effective duration that shall extend until I am no longer employed by American Airlines as a pilot unless otherwise instructed by me, in writing, to revoke said objection.

Furthermore, should this letter not meet certain dispositive requirements for a timely objection, this letter shall, nonetheless, be considered as a conclusive indication of my intent that I do not want to be a Member of the Allied Pilots Association, that I object to paying any dues, fees, or assessments not strictly related to the creation, modification, or enforcement of the working agreement between the pilots of American Airlines and American Airlines or any activity not directly related or attributed to collective bargaining as defined by the Railway Labor Act, and that my financial obligation to the Association shall be strictly limited to that of an Agency Fee Payer who fully meets the requirements of an Objector.




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